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Germani Accessori Frigoriferi S.r.l. have a tradition of production that dates back to the 1930s when the Germani brothers became involved in the emerging market of refrigeration with the manufacture of hinges and latches for ice-boxes.

With the passing of the years, refrigerators, cold stores, bar counters and freezer counters arrived... and Germani, always keen to keep up with technological advancements within the sector and always sensitive to the needs of their clients, produced hinges and latches for doors and for counters, even the massive wooden doors of the first freezers, covers and containers for ice cream counters and taps for bar counters.

Over time, many different articles have emerged, fasteners for prefabricated cold rooms, adjustable feet, pilasters with supports and grilled shelves, complete frames for window cases, sanitary profiles, etceteras.

Germani Accessori Frigoriferi S.r.l. continues to offer its own products with the aim of providing a better commercial service including the sales of complimentary products giving us the possibility of offering a comprehensive array of tailor-made articles, satisfying different needs.

Our products are illustrated in three catalogues, sent on request.

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